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Multimedia speaker,modification and design


Nowadays, the multimedia speakers on the market are generally thin in the box material, the quality of the speaker unit is not good, the crossover frequency setting is unreasonable, the power amplifier circuit components are insufficient in materials, the performance of the power amplifier operational amplifier IC is not good, the output power of the transformer is insufficient, and the like. These are all common problems. In fact, for such speakers, you can upgrade and upgrade yourself.

Power Amplifier

First, the reinforcement box is an effective way to strengthen the box and add sound-absorbing cotton.
The material of the wooden speaker cabinet is generally medium density fiberboard, which can be reinforced with the same material. Reinforcement and reinforcement of the beam and reinforcement of the corners, speakers with less resonance can be placed inside the side of the position where the mid-woofer is located, that is, the left and right sides of the box viewed from the front of the speaker, and the fiberboard of 12cm2 to 20cm2 is pasted. Reinforcement block. If the resonance is serious, it is necessary to stick the fiber sheet reinforcement block (strip) at the four corners of the box and the inner side of the upper and lower parts. The reinforcing pieces of the four corners are closely attached to the corners of the box, and the length of the upper and lower reinforcing strips is determined by the width of the box, and the width is about 2 cm, which is attached to the inner middle position of the upper and lower panels of the box. The paste medium uses white latex. After the above transformation, the box should be able to significantly reduce the resonance phenomenon.

At the same time, the speaker inside the box can be lined with a suitable thickness of sound absorbing cotton to cover the inner side panel and the rear panel of the box. The purpose of the sticky sound cotton is to eliminate the dull bass phenomenon and enhance the dynamic response of the woofer.

Mx808d Usb 1

Second, when the sealed speaker is vibrating, the phase of the front and rear side sound waves is opposite. In order to avoid the sound waves generated on the front and rear sides of the speaker from interfering with each other, the energy generated on the back side of the speaker needs to be sealed in the box when designing the speaker.

The problem of sealing is more prominent in the subwoofer. The interior of the subwoofer is a two-chamber design that is separated by a partition and the woofer is mounted on the bulkhead. If the gap around the partition is too obvious, it will affect the tightness between the two chambers, resulting in turbidity in the bass. The solution is to simply plug the gap as a simple principle, and the use of readily available materials such as soft paper towels, cotton, etc. to plug the gap can bring significant improvement, and the use of hot glue guns and other plugging is obviously a very thorough approach.
Third, shielding the speaker Because the multimedia speaker is close to the display, and the magnet on the speaker is very likely to cause the magnetization of the display. It is necessary to shield the speaker to reduce leakage flux and reduce interference with the display.

Mq4 1

Fourth, the installation of crossover multimedia speakers are mostly not equipped with a crossover, only a capacitor in series with the tweeter. The improvement is to add the appropriate crossover. Generally, the capacitors connected in series between the high and low sound units can be removed, plus a separate frequency divider. The crossover can be selected from the blue whale series, and the price is about tens of yuan.

Fifth, replace the audio cable The audio cable provided by the manufacturer is just an ordinary wire, the wire diameter is fine, the wire loss is large, and it is easy to cause clutter interference. It is best to replace it with a special wire with high copper content.

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Finally, you should also check the heat dissipation of the internal power amplifier of the cabinet. The heat sink area of the power amplifier should be increased. It is better to pull the heat sink out of the box. This is better.

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